St.Fatima Language School

  • St.Fatima language school is one of many educational organizations series which were constructed in the sixth and seventh decades of the last century.
  • The construction of these organizations is a product of the ideology of the establisher.The departed Mr. Fouad Habib "God rest his soul".
  • He believed that the real education is an aim not a mean
  • These ideas are achieved by an educational vision which is far from the commercial one.This is what distinguishes St. Fatima from other language schools .
  • Saint Fatima language school in abbassia was constructed in 1980 when the society needed some new kinds of language schools to cope with the continuous changes in the society.
  • Fouad habib started his life as an English teacher in one of the governmental schools.
  • Because he believed in the private education he established many of the private schools, the first one of them was abdeen private school.
  • In 1954 he built abbassia private school.
  • In 1970 he built saint Fatima (hegaz square)heliopolis.
  • In 1979 he was honored by the president Anwar Alsadat as one of the educational leaders in Egypt and the president gave him the leadership shield.
  • In 1985 he built the first accounting institution.
  • In 1986, he built the first hotel and tourism academy in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Saint Fatima language school has always been very successful, it graduated thousands of pupils who serve their country in great positions.
  • We have more than 55 years of experience in education.
  • Founder of the school is the late Mr. Fouad Habib; leader of private education in Egypt
  • St. Fatima schools have unique geographical locations in the heart of the classy residential areas.
  • The school provides the students with the best educational experience with minor expenses compared to the level of education it provides.
  • School buses are provided to the students.
  • Promote learner centered education.
  • Use modern, developed technological environment.
  • Support, motivate and develop distinguished and talented learners while giving due care to all learners.
  • Ensure a positive atmosphere of work for both instructors and learners.
  • Improve employees’ professional skills.
  • Promote an effective educational environment that is effective in the surrounding society.
  • Ensure values of love, patriotism and reservation of resources through continuous work.
  • Addresses:
    Primary: 17, Bostan El Geish Street
    KG: 8, Omarra Street

  • Telephones:
    KG: 02 26824052 - 02 26824513
    Primary: 02 26824052 - 02 26824513

  • Mobile