Rules of Acceptance in KG1

Saint Fatima schools are language schools for both boys and girls. The school has pre-KG stages, kindergarten, primary education, and secondary education. The school pays a great attention for teaching English starting from the kindergarten stage. Also, students study science and math from primary stage till secondary school. Because of the importance of French, the school teaches it starting from third primary. Also the school teaches computer subject for students.

    The School accepts children who are applying to KG1 according to the following system:

  • The first of October of every year is considered as the beginning of the school year according to it the child age is calculated (determined).
  • Minimum age is 3 and half years on the first of October .
  • We do not accept children's application whose age is younger than this age 3 years 6 months.

Required Documents

  • Entering school application and it is given from the school secretary office.
  • The birth certificate should be written on computer and we don't accept it's photo copy.
  • A certificate proving that one of their parents has English qualification.
  • A certificate of new comers signed from the educational administration (non Egyptians).
  • 4 photographs for the pupil.

Procedure of Application

  • The application forms are distributed in times which are determined by the ministry daily from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • After filling in the application and bringing all the papers, the parents shall meet the school principal or thevice –principal. After the meeting and the acceptance of the application, the parent should go to the secretary office to handle the application and take the application 's number and the date of applying it.
  • The children's age is put in a descending order by the computer.
  • The child whose none of his parent's knows English will not be accepted.

Acceptance Rules

The parent has to observe the fees' notice board starting from the 7 th of October until the arrangement result is declared. The parents of the accepted children have to pay the fees in ten days after the result .this 'll be from 8:00 a.m till 1:30 p.m except Friday and Sunday. In the case of not paying the fees on time, school’ll accept another child instead of the one who doesn't pay the fees according to the given rules.

  • We have more than 55 years of experience in education.
  • Founder of the school is the late Mr. Fouad Habib; leader of private education in Egypt
  • St. Fatima schools have unique geographical locations in the heart of the classy residential areas.
  • The school provides the students with the best educational experience with minor expenses compared to the level of education it provides.
  • School buses are provided to the students.
  • Promote learner centered education.
  • Use modern, developed technological environment.
  • Support, motivate and develop distinguished and talented learners while giving due care to all learners.
  • Ensure a positive atmosphere of work for both instructors and learners.
  • Improve employees’ professional skills.
  • Promote an effective educational environment that is effective in the surrounding society.
  • Ensure values of love, patriotism and reservation of resources through continuous work.
  • Addresses:
    Primary: 17, Bostan El Geish Street
    KG: 8, Omarra Street

  • Telephones:
    KG: 02 26824052 - 02 26824513
    Primary: 02 26824052 - 02 26824513

  • Mobile