Address: 17, Bostan El Geish Street

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With more than 50 years of experience in the field of education, Saint Fatima School in Abbassia is one of the leading educational institutions in Egypt.


St.Fatima Language School

  1. We have more than 55 years of experience in education.
  2. Founder of the school is the late Mr. Fouad Habib; leader of private education in Egypt.
  3. St. Fatima schools have unique geographical locations in the heart of the classy residential areas.
  4. The school provides the students with the best educational experience with minor expenses compared to the level of education it provides.
  5. School buses are provided to the students.
  6. Students’ best interest is the first initial of all the school's staff.
  7. All faculty members are distinguished and specialists in their respective fields.
  8. All school's staff is committed to the charter of the highest ethical levels.
  9. We are interested in and follow each student separately.
  10. The latest technologies and computer labs are provided to students by the school.
  11. The school uses active learning where students participate in the lesson in a positive way to make it easier to understand.
  12. School management believes in the importance of entertainment and activities in the learning process therefore the school accommodates many concerts, artistic activities and sports events each year.
  13. The school encourages students with special skills and works to discover and develop their talents.
  14. School management believes in the importance of community participation and encourages students to sense the social problems and work to resolve them.
  15. The school is interested in the development of social, personal and psychological aspects of the students.
  16. The school disseminates health awareness among the students.